The Power 100 event and Awards is the only event that pays tribute to Rainmakers across all walks of life; emphasising inspiring achievements and highlighting inspirational role models for Britain’s Future generations alike.

In keeping with the concept of such a high profile and socially high-impact project, the promotion of The Power 100 will be on a scale never before seen for such an initiative.   The level of positive influence this initiative can achieve is in many ways related to the power of those who will be included within the final Power 100 list.  Our promotion will be targeted towards the major sources of British & International power and influence, both direct and indirect, current and prospective, and including Britain, Europe and the International arena.

The Power 100 Awards will provide an invaluable opportunity for the leading Power Brokers within the UK and on an International level to come together to hear and learn about national and international issues affecting Britain today.

The Power 100 Awards will be held in London and will be the highlight of the public and private sector calendar.  Many Senior Power Brokers will be in attendance to not only celebrate being named within the Power list but also to meet their peers and to develop and enhance contacts amongst this like minded and exclusive group of individuals.